Things Boys Said – Episode 1 : The Forehead


So, as I mentioned in my last post, I still feel very fragile where my ‘boyfriend before last’ is concerned.  I don’t feel fragile at all about the one after him (Nerd Guy)…no feelings there whatsoever.

The two of them could not possibly have been more different, physically, intellectually, financially..but they did have one thing in common – both those c*nts successfully drove my self-esteem so far into the ground that it’s still down there.  It’s the lowest it’s ever been.   ESPECIALLY number 2.  He seemed to want to go out of his way to make me feel as uncomfortable about myself as possible.

When I look back, I cringe.  Why did I not see the red flags?

So, in an attempt to get it all out of my system for good, I’ve decided to make fun of them…as-is-my-want.

I made a little movie.  No names have been used, to protect the guilty.



17 thoughts on “Things Boys Said – Episode 1 : The Forehead

  1. my favourite things a boy has said to me was, “geez do i HAVE to buy you a birthday present? i mean, i’m almost at the stage of thinking of presents with you like i do with my sister. you know, don’t want to, but feel like i have to”.

    “i really care about you, but i think going back with you would be a step backwards”

    “oh i know you’ve been sick. you’re sick alot. i was wondering if you were a hypochondriac”

    “to be honest, i hadn’t heard from you, so i just sort of forgot about you”

    “sure, get me off. i don’t want a relationship with you but i mean, you do know what i like in bed”

    “you’re lovely but i wish your sense of humour wasn’t so crass”

    and i wonder why i had a sore heart for so long LOL

    i hope it’s ok to share this, i don’t mean to hijack your post. what this guy said to you was just revolting and it jogged my memory. man, i fancied some total losers.

    1. Emma that is bloody hilarious!! Gawd we can really pick ’em can’t we????? I’d love to be as tactless as them but I just can’t. How can some men be such pricks so easily??

  2. OH and the ultimate. when i told a guy i’d been seeing that i’d put on alot of weight:

    “fat fuck yuk”


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