The Curious Case of Chesty No Hands : Part 1 – The Fall

imageedit_1_7889012642I first met him in 1991.  He moved into the student accommodation the day I started working there.  He was 19 and I was 26.  We hit it off immediately.  We were also instantly attracted to one another.

But, I had recently moved in with my future husband, so I knew nothing would ever come of it.  At least I didn’t think anything would.  I called Chesty by his real name in those days.  He wasn’t chesty in name nor form back then.  He was a scrawny, gangly kid and I was well…younger, and had MAGNIFICENT FUCKING HAIR.

I’d always look forward to his visits to the office, sometimes about his rent, sometimes just to say ‘hi’.  I missed him when he went home to the country over the semester break.  At the start of his second year on  campus he became a Resident Advisor and his visits became daily.

He was a beautiful distraction.  Breathing was difficult in his presence.  If he brushed by me it’d send electricity through my entire body.  He told me I smelled good…..I could barely stay conscious.  My days were spent daydreaming about what I’d like to do with him…things we could do while bent over my desk….or on the floor…or in the housekeepers storeroom.  So for five years I looked, but did not touch.

And then he graduated..and was gone.

Seventeen years later we met again, this time on Facebook.  I saw we had a mutual friend.  I can’t remember who friended who, but it was quick.  We chatted on Facebook Messenger.   It was the usual, how have we been?  What are we doing?  Then I thought I’d drop a subtle hint as how I felt about him in the olden days, “I had the biggest crush on you back then”…..  *crickets* then a flurry of keystrokes.

“I felt the same way.  I had a crush on you too.  Why do you think I got a job as a Resident Advisor?  I wanted an excuse to see you every day.  I used to think about bending you over your desk in your office all the time”.


You’ll have to wait for Part 2 😉


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