Has it come to this?

My mother called a little while ago. She’d just finished a conversation with my uncle (her brother), who suggested that – it might help me out financially, and… it would allow her to spend more time with her grand kids, if….. …we moved in together. I’m beyond words….. Advertisements

Living Vicariously – Conversations with my Mother…#249

So I took my Facebook profile down a couple of weeks ago. No biggie, just having a FB break as spending a bit too much time stuffing around on there when I really need to be doing other things.  Miss my buddies SO much (my gorgeous buddies who are interstate) but needed to just get some … More Living Vicariously – Conversations with my Mother…#249

A Conversation with My Mother #136

I wish my mum had never joined Facebook, and I’m kicking myself for telling her to join.  She stalks my profile every night and interrogates me later about things she just doesn’t ‘get’.  Subsequently, I’ve stopped posting anything bloody interesting on my regular profile and had to start a separate ‘Fifi’ profile. Another one who’s … More A Conversation with My Mother #136

Words of Lust…

The other day, people were making fun of me on Facebook ‘cos when us girls said what colour bra we were wearing, my answer was ‘beige’. Yes! I do own a lot of flesh coloured undies and bra’s cos I wear a lot of white. That’s it. It’s not like I don’t own any other … More Words of Lust…

Words of love….

Got a call from Social Worker Guy last night. Quite impressed as was actually a call..on my home phone…none of this texting crap. It’s obviously true love. Here is a snippet of our conversation. SWG : You know you tried to sabotage this last night. Fifi : What? How? SWG: You said “You know you … More Words of love….