To my ex-husband

I sent this via email to my ex today… Pinch and a punch on the first of the month. Happy 20th Anniversary of the day we met. I don’t like you much, but the kids are kinda nice. Thanks! He replied that I was quite welcome, and that he thinks they are kinda nice too… … More To my ex-husband

Massive Poo Cherry

Bloody Car! I knew it!   Poo Cherry!! As soon as I decide to spend some money on me me me, bloody universe has turned against me. Waits until I buy an LCD TV with my Rudd money and then decides for my car to overheat and be totally stuffed! I will putt putt down to … More Massive Poo Cherry

To my Ex Husband

Dear Dickhead, Hope you’re having a nice Valentine’s Day date with that girl you met on the internet last week. I’m having a great time at home with the screaming, fighting, feral kids you impregnated me with and were supposed to have this fortnight so I could have a fucking weekend off!! Love Fifi