There, I texted.

Thanks guys. I am not waiting for the poll to close cos I’m bloody impatient and I just want to do it and get it over with. I’ve never actually ever ever asked a guy out before (at least I can’t remember doing it), so I’m a bit nervous. But, I did initiate the contact … More There, I texted.

Losing my shit

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I have an anxiety disorder. It’s pretty bad. I’ve had it all my life but didn’t know what it was. I’ve had obsessive compulsive behaviour, Hypochondriasis and an addictive personality (addicted to anything). It’s all part of the same disorder. Things came to a head when … More Losing my shit

Getting there.

Well my food, exercise and study routine’s have gone out the window the last week but my packing is coming along nicely. I’ve basically packed everything that I can pack apart from the stuff we use every day, ie clothes, kitchen/bathroom and laundry stuff. The house is a maze of packing boxes and the shed … More Getting there.

Same ol’

Not much to report today. Packed all weekend. Supposed to be studying all week but all I’m doing is thinking about packing..thinking about studying. Taking tomorrow off work to try and get my maths assignment done..then all that needs doing for maths is to cram like all hell the week before the exam. It’s my … More Same ol’

Well today sucked…

…TOTALLY sucked. Was still on a high from yesterdays exam, got ready for work, skipped to the mailbox and found a bloody letter from the rental agent advising my lease would not be renewed at the end of October. I called them when I got to work and was advised that the house had been … More Well today sucked…

Sweet Relief

Oh.My.God. I am SO glad that’s over. Had my mid-semester maths exam this morning and I am relieved beyond words….’cept for all the words I am going to write now. I got about 4 weeks behind in my I do every semester and then had to rush to catch up. Unfortunately that does not … More Sweet Relief