Has it come to this?

My mother called a little while ago. She’d just finished a conversation with my uncle (her brother), who suggested that – it might help me out financially, and… it would allow her to spend more time with her grand kids, if….. …we moved in together. I’m beyond words….. Advertisements

Living Vicariously – Conversations with my Mother…#249

So I took my Facebook profile down a couple of weeks ago. No biggie, just having a FB break as spending a bit too much time stuffing around on there when I really need to be doing other things.  Miss my buddies SO much (my gorgeous buddies who are interstate) but needed to just get some … More Living Vicariously – Conversations with my Mother…#249


I’m wandering around a little lost at the moment.  I don’t like it.  I like to have purpose and direction. I guess I haven’t had direction for a while, but other things have been distracting me from that fact.  I also seem to have an almost crippling fear of decision making at the moment.  Always … More Wandering….

*skids to a halt*

Well fuck ME, that was one furious post break-up blogging frenzy (about mostly nuthin!). I’m off for a vodka and a lie down. Back when..ya know…something ACTUALLY happens…