So, even Starbuck struggles sometimes. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about FEAR.  She asked me to think about what I am so afraid of. Right now…I’m avoiding my feelings.  I don’t want to feel it.  I don’t want to feel ANYTHING. I find myself not commenting on our mutual friends’ Facebook statuses and … More Fear

The Titanic

So there was this relationship.  Let’s call it The Titanic. It was all new and shiny and wonderful…and everyone wanted to come along for the ride. It was SO beautiful.  Everything seemed perfect….and so it sped along. But it sped along too fast. By the time the captain realised there was an iceberg ahead, his … More The Titanic


So….. we’re back! The trip was great.  The kids and I were thoroughly spoilt.  Not going to waffle on, but here it is in dot points! Did the tourist thing (our first time in Sydney – Manly Ferry, Luna Park, Taronga, Opera House, Museum) Kids didn’t kill each other Had dinner at the worst Chinese restaurant … More Sydney


… the number of different ways Bams and I are gonna shag when I get to Sydney. No, seriously, we made a list…..  


    Just 2 weeks ’til I wake up next to Bams :o) I’m on holidays at the moment…and the best bit is that none of it comes out of my annual leave.  I work at a university and we don’t get a lot of the Monday public holidays during the year, but the uni … More Holidays