*skids to a halt*

Well fuck ME, that was one furious post break-up blogging frenzy (about mostly nuthin!). I’m off for a vodka and a lie down. Back when..ya know…something ACTUALLY happens…     Advertisements

Single Again….

….and I’m more than fine with it.  This break up started 4 weeks ago and my feelings for him evaporated not long after. Not gonna talk details here, although some of you FB buddies already know.  HIS issues, not mine. Not going to waste any more energy on it. NEXT!!!…


I’m not embarrassed by my indecision, or my highs and lows… …my love, my fears, my shortcomings… …my anger, my impatience, my heartbreak… …my insecurities, my tears… …my joy. So, if you know me…you know ME… And then you know…I’m gonna be just fine. Stripped bare. You should try it.


So, even Starbuck struggles sometimes. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about FEAR.  She asked me to think about what I am so afraid of. Right now…I’m avoiding my feelings.  I don’t want to feel it.  I don’t want to feel ANYTHING. I find myself not commenting on our mutual friends’ Facebook statuses and … More Fear

The Titanic

So there was this relationship.  Let’s call it The Titanic. It was all new and shiny and wonderful…and everyone wanted to come along for the ride. It was SO beautiful.  Everything seemed perfect….and so it sped along. But it sped along too fast. By the time the captain realised there was an iceberg ahead, his … More The Titanic