A Conversation with My Mother #136

I wish my mum had never joined Facebook, and I’m kicking myself for telling her to join.  She stalks my profile every night and interrogates me later about things she just doesn’t ‘get’.  Subsequently, I’ve stopped posting anything bloody interesting on my regular profile and had to start a separate ‘Fifi’ profile. Another one who’s … More A Conversation with My Mother #136


My daughter is awesome, and growing up into such a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. We don’t get a lot of ‘mummy/daughter’ time these days.  She’s usually occupied with friends either in person on online. But we do get some special time. Lately, more often than not, that time has been in the … More MUMisms

The Tree

I wrote a few weeks ago about our new/old address and of the magnificent tree the kids played in.  Well here it is in all it’s summer glory. It’s a liquid amber.  The owners prune it right back every winter so it’s developed a really sturdy inner structure and is covered in lush new growth … More The Tree

See through balloons

So a while back, before I moved house,  I regularly had my fortnightly shopping home delivered.  It’s frikkin’ awesome. One evening a particularly hot delivery guy turns up with my order and I can’t help but flirt a little.  I love Coles….yes I do…and they always slip me a little something extra with my order, ya … More See through balloons