Brain explosion

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I had yesterday off work and am taking today off as well. Don’t know what’s triggered it. Just been building up I guess. I just couldn’t go. Maybe a little depressed? I’m already on antidepressants (have been for years for anxiety issues and as treatment for FMS) so … More Brain explosion

Crime Scene

So what happened? Our manager knocked my pot plant “Gary” off my desk. It was pretty ugly. He pulled through though. Well Pool Guy didn’t turn up so no stalker phone photos. ¬†Hmmm…. thinking that maybe his sporadic appearances are do to shared custody…maybe?…still doesn’t mean he’s single though. Oh well. I do have a … More Crime Scene

Diary of a Stalker

Monday 23 February 2009 Dear Diary, Today I was driving along in my car and I saw Blockbuster Guy’s vehicle go by. I just so happened to be going in a similar direction so I followed him and watched as he pulled into the bottle shop at the roundabout. I couldn’t very well pull up … More Diary of a Stalker

I Smell Man Flesh….noooo……I’m not channeling Lurtz from Lord of the Rings, I’m just being pervy. I took my son to his first after school swimming lesson for the year this afternoon and it was kinda….he he…nice.He’d just started his lesson when I caught a whiff of something I’ve not experienced (in person and this close up) for … More I Smell Man Flesh