Things Boys Said – Episode 1 : The Forehead

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I still feel very fragile where my ‘boyfriend before last’ is concerned.  I don’t feel fragile at all about the one after him (Nerd Guy)…no feelings there whatsoever. The two of them could not possibly have been more different, physically, intellectually, financially..but they did have one thing … More Things Boys Said – Episode 1 : The Forehead

The Code

My friends and I live by a code.  It is an honourable code. This is the code between women (and not just those you know – this can, at times, extend to perfect strangers) that you will not let each other look like complete dickheads/losers in public…..if you can help it. What sort of situations … More The Code

Vlog with ranting

I’m sorry. When I deleted my old blog, the videos were not saved. I’m trying to find them but I think They may have been on an old hard drive that has since died. This was me ranting about internet dating, guys who are newly separated and how they are like kids in a candy … More Vlog with ranting

Skanky Frankie

Where to start? Fuck… Well Social Worker Guy and I had a date last night (movies), my place..all good (at least I thought it was). I woke up this morning feeling really good about things. I really liked him..REALLY. (not going to waffle on about why cos I’ve done that already). Anyway I get a … More Skanky Frankie

My use by date

So I’m sitting here sucking on a Corona after recovering from another SCORCHING day here in Perth. 42 fucking degrees.!!! Thing is, this isn’t just an occasional occurrence, it happens day after day over here. In for a bit of a cooler change over the next week (30’s) but up again after that and it … More My use by date