Now…moving on.

Hey guys. Thanks for all your comments on last night’s post. They were SO appreciated xxx All is cool now. Tonight my babies come back after 2 and a half weeks away, and I can concentrate on what is really important to me. So..this is the last post I will write about Social Worker Guy … More Now…moving on.

Skanky Frankie

Where to start? Fuck… Well Social Worker Guy and I had a date last night (movies), my place..all good (at least I thought it was). I woke up this morning feeling really good about things. I really liked him..REALLY. (not going to waffle on about why cos I’ve done that already). Anyway I get a … More Skanky Frankie

Words of Lust…

The other day, people were making fun of me on Facebook ‘cos when us girls said what colour bra we were wearing, my answer was ‘beige’. Yes! I do own a lot of flesh coloured undies and bra’s cos I wear a lot of white. That’s it. It’s not like I don’t own any other … More Words of Lust…

Words of love….

Got a call from Social Worker Guy last night. Quite impressed as was actually a call..on my home phone…none of this texting crap. It’s obviously true love. Here is a snippet of our conversation. SWG : You know you tried to sabotage this last night. Fifi : What? How? SWG: You said “You know you … More Words of love….

Nine Hour Date

Yep – 8pm to 4am Still too tired to do a proper report but just wanted to say that I’m an idiot and there were really no issues at all with him. No red flags, nothing. I just really like him and of course I’m doing what I usually do when I like someone (and … More Nine Hour Date

Fifi got a date!

Yes….I….DID! It appears the Universe is rewarding me for putting my curvy bits out there (and NO…the person concerned did NOT see my blog!). I was fast asleep at 9pm (having an early night) and I got a text from Social Worker Guy. Not going to go into too much detail but he was the … More Fifi got a date!


That dickhead social worker guy who I agonised over texting and who didn’t even bother replying to my drink invitation just texted me (11pm) ….trying to score an ounce of mull. Hahahaha…idiot! I advised him that I thought he may have the wrong number, he apologised profusely and said goodbye. I think that’s kinda fucking … More Hahahaha!